Wednesday, September 29, 2010


On most of my bikes I have clip-on handlebars, but on my SS50z I wanted to maintain the original headlamp stays, so I made fake clip-ons for it, I call them "screw-ons" because they are mounted with the top fork bolt.
I had two sets of these before, that I found on ebay, but they have been sold, the set that is now on my SS50z was homemade, to look lower, but I took a guess about the angle of the bars and that turned out to be too much downwards.

Now I've been making a set to replace them.
All parts together before welding:

The slots have been milled out at a 5 degree angle, this is a standard measurement for clip-ons (5, 10 or 15 degrees)
I didn't want it to be straight, that would look to simple and to much like z├╝ndapp clip-ons.

I asked my dad to weld the bars with copper, less warping and I might want to have these chromed in the future, I don't know if that would be possible if these were welded with silver.
For now, painted black (frame colour) just like the 60's racebikes.
Slots have been milled out for the original SS50 throttle controls and for the wires to go thru the bars, even if it is only for 5cm.

Note the levers with little ball ends.

Underside, throttle cable comes out thru an original rubber grommet.

I hope to mount them on my bike tomorrow after work, if there is no overtime.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Lightened rockers for the 90, about 10% lighter then original.
It does take some time to do this, but it is nice old school tuning.

And a nice points cover I scored on Ebay, originally off an ATC110.

ribbed for extra cooling, I think I'll need it as I do not want to install a "modern" oilcooler.