Tuesday, April 22, 2014

home made brakeplate

The latest casting project I've been working on for a while just came out of the molds.

It started as a big chunk of MDF slid over an old front axle.

Then adding some parts cut out of an old front brake plate, kindly donated to the casting process by a friend. And the beginnings of a scoop on the front.

Even though they are still loose parts, it is starting to look like something, and a lot more race inspired then an original 160mm brakeplate.

Smoothing and painting.

allmost ready for casting.

and the inside, made with original parts so the standard brake shoes will fit.

Broke the mold open, first impressions look good, fully formed, although it has some little flaws, but that is the charm of sandcasting.

Fully uncovered, it looks good, just like the original old racing brakes, but made to fit a normal 160mm Honda hub as found in many street bikes, and in my RSC90.

Now to harden it and then machining, what will probably take some time for this first one. But then I will have a plan for the next ones I might just make.

and some other stuff that was cast in the same session:

CR750, CR110 and JRP, more rare stuff from my hands, how funny is that.