Monday, September 29, 2014

the last event this season

Last weekend was already the last event for this year, Giessen, for me the first time here and I like the track a lot. So hopefully we can ride here again next year.

We took a lot of bikes with us, left to right:
-the C110 racer for the oldtimer class.
-CB50 racebike we overhauled for someone to do a couple of test laps in the oldtimer class, luckaly it behaved all good so I could jump on my C110 after 2 laps en do the rest of training with that.
-My dad's old CB50 racer that we had a friend ride in the 50 class.
-My own CB50 that didn't run very well in this experimental phase, took a little getting used to again to rev between 12.500 and 14.500.
-and last but not least, my RSC90, reliable and quick, might just open up the engine this winter to see why it is as quick as this, because I can't really believe how it's doing so well.

Friday, September 26, 2014

picture day

Not bikes this time, but parts.
homemade cast aluminium parts.

Honda CR750 pedals

Honda RS125 / RS250 foot pegs

Honda CR110 pedals and pegs

Honda MT125R top yoke

Honda replica brake plate for 160mm drum

Honda CR110 / CR93 perches

(in machining all evidence of mirror mounts will be removed, better then plugging one up or welding it shut)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

JRP covers for sale, part two.

the top engine covers / breather kits are also ready now
for sale as a set with the points cover or separate.


only 10 to 12 breather sets will be made

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

JRP covers for sale

I've now got 5 JRP points covers for 6v monkeybikes machined and ready, but I don't have that much engins myself, so some are for sale, if anybody is interested, give me an email.

I'm also working on the top cylinder head covers / breatherkit, but they are not ready yet. Will be available soon, and also as a set with the points cover.

Friday, September 12, 2014

2 more days of aluminium casting

Last week, I planned two days of casting and managed to create some more nice parts

some Honda MT125R top yokes, CR750 pedals and shift arms, CR110 pedals and pegs, also useful for other Honda racers like RC162, RC181, CR450, CR72 replicas and so on.

Another 160mm TLS front brake plate and a bunch of JRP engine covers for monkey engines, most of which are already reserved for friends.
Guess I'll have to do some more casting...