Friday, September 23, 2011

Veenendaal 2011

okay, it has been some time ago, and there have been events since then, but this is what happened at Veenendaal this year.

Picture thanx to Lea langezaal
As can be seen, I have a groundclearance issue.

And then this is what happens:

Emergency repairs so I could start the next heat.

more can be read at Ralph's blog, he came to see what I was doing with the engine he donated to my project.
Also a nice video of me just before the start.

By the way, I plan to build different, higher, footpegs for next season, a little less original, but I need the groundclearance. I'll make it look like honda made them by using the right parts.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coil testing

I had some problems with the ignitioncoil I used on the S90, it was an old CB72 coil but when it was replaced with a different type, my S90 ran better.
I really did want an original CB72 coil, as they were used n RSC90's back in the 60's and it looks good, so I had to test the coils that we have.
My SS50 was the answer:

I found out which of the 5 coils were good and now have an original CB72 coil on my S90 again.

C110 engine, but not my own

Been busy with a lot of things, but didn't take much pictures of my own projects,
so here is some of the C110 engine I have been rebuilding for Ralph

Ported head:

Everything glassbead blasted and some fresh paint on the cast steel parts:

Clutch pressure pin / oil guide stolen from my extra motor as the one that was in Ralph's motor was broken. Anyone has a spare?

Kijima ohc headcover in the lathe:

Now it is a cluch cover:

Modified finned tappet covers:

Also a Kijima ohc headcover as a pointscover:

Modifying a webco Z50 intake manifold for the C110 head:

With homebuilt heat isolator.

Taken the flange off, because there was no fitting carb for it, now a rubber flange off an SS50 manifold so we can fit any slant flange carb:

Top view:

It's almost done now, just some special oil line and some gaskets for the manifold and we can start thinking of starting it up and seeing how it runs.