Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Just finished a batch of clip-ons
Needed a set for the SS50 racebike and another for one of the CB50's that has been sold, but included in that deal was a front end swap.

A bunch of steel pipes

Some more small parts added, almost ready for brazing

after brazing, cleaning and painting

The observant viewer would notice one set missing, that was already mounted to a bike.

Some details not found in modern clip-ons are the closed ends, not with a plastic or alloy bung, but full steel construction, so that after painting, it is almost invisible how the ends were closed.
Just a single 8mm bolt, instead of 2 6mm bolts, just like original CR110 clip-ons, and other Honda's from that era.

Took a lot of work, but the result are some clip-ons that look deceptively simple and yet sophisticated at the same time.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

CR lookalike

Just a preview of something I've been working on.
A Honda CB500f carburetor modified to work on a one cylinder bike and with some styling like the old CR carbs.

Still needs finishing and testing though.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

did some more casting

I had been asked to cast an oil pump cover for a Honda RS1000, from the RSC kit, originally magnesium, but as these parts are figuratively made from unobtainium, when you get hold of one, make some copies was the idea.
Also I've been working on a new model, of a CR110 top yoke with measurements for S90 / SS50 and so on.

Both have now been cast for the first time and came out pretty well, together with another CR750 shifter, RSC engine cover for dax / SS50 and some funny keychains.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

and the season is already over

End of racing season, it went so fast, I forgot to post about it...

so a quick summary of pictures, courtesy of the CRT website. and JanAw as found on the internet.

The SS50(85) behaved pretty well for a new build, some teething problems, but very quick.

The RSC90 got a fairing half way through the season, because I had a complaint of not having numbers on the side...that I didn't have for all the time I rode it. But it was the push I needed to finally start on the fairing as was planned. needs finishing, but the beginning is there.

The C110 gave some trouble too, but at the end of season I found the issue, fixed it and it was running quicker then ever.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

SS50 race bike ready for first event

My dad did a lot of work to make me an alloy fuel tank and it really finishes the bike.

Even though the tank isn't finished yet, it is ready for now. still needs some dents from construction taken out and paint, although I am liking the raw look.

What started out as a simple SS50 moped has now been modified all over and is really starting to look like a real race bike. As was the intention because I wanted this SS50 to look like it had the full RSC kit, if Honda would have ever made it for an SS50.

footpegs need to be changed and probably some more details, but for now I can enter it in "races" as my CB50 race bikes were sold and I had nothing left to ride for the 50cc class.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SS50 progress

Slowly, things have been progressing, but now I have to hurry up and get this one going as I have no more CB50 to ride.
Want to be able to ride this SS50 this season even.

this is the current state of things.

Fuel tank is only temporary, a long narrow aluminium tank is going to be made, but that will probably take a while.

hand made front mudguard

Working on the SS50 racebike again, as my CB50 was sold.

It needed a front mudguard for several reasons
- it looks good and old Honda race bikes had mudguards
- rules say you need to have one if you don't have a fairing (fairing is for the future)
- it can function as a fork stabiliser, needed because of the single sided front brake.

For the fork stabiliser bit, the supports are made out of steel and run over the top of the mudguard as one piece, not the prettiest, but I've seen this on original (race) bikes and it is very functional. And I like things that look functional even if they are "ugly"

The start, a piece of steel bent and cut to fit between the forks and 2 pieces of tube with the ends flattened with a special tool to get those ends just like Honda used to make them. Clamped together for braising.

Braised together and 2 cable loops added, just because, if this were original, Honda might have supplied a 4LS in the RSC kit and the mudguard would have been prepared for it. I will only be using one loop with my 2LS for now.

Parts primed and screwed together in preparation for riveting.

riveted and painted silver with a little bit of clear just for a little shine, to imitate that original look and not to go overboard on the clearcoat as so many replicas these days.

Friday, July 24, 2015

another carb finished

last bits came in so I could finish this one too, now ready for the next race in Veenendaal.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Carburetor move

The PC20 powerjet carburetor has moved from my racebike to my streetbike.
Wanted a little more power in modern day traffic and this pretty much does the trick although a quarter turn throttle would be nice, but not so correct for this bike.
Mounted with new S65 rubber and springs and for some reason, on this bike the manifold didn't line up, so I put a small isolator between the head and manifold to get the correct height.
Needs a little more adjustment, But I like it, more power, but with original mounting, just as if it could have been a CYB upgrade back in the day.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

engine stands

When working on engines, I used to use some wooden beams, but they always slid away.
then in the new workshop, I made an engine stand from some leftover bits of hardwood, and this worked so well for me, that I wanted some more, as I get more engines to work on at the same time now.

Today I made three more engine stands, with some slight differences, hardwood, so they don't damage what you're working on, but sturdy enough to be able to use an impact driver, and high enough to put a small oil catch can under it for draining engines.

In the picture demonstrated with some C110 engines and a (customer's) S90 engine

Monday, June 29, 2015

another Carb

Okay, I've decided against the dellorto for now, didn't really like the non-japanese looks on my mostly japanese bike.

So I've found myself another 20mm powerjet carburettor to adapt to my c110 racebike.
Started making some flanges, using an intake rubber I had laying around.

Bit more modern then the S65 rubber on the other setup, but that is moving over to my C110 streetbike to be a period correct upgrade over the original 16mm carburettor. Just because I use it daily if possible and in modern traffic, every bit of power is welcome. The 16mm with all bits belonging to it will be stored so the bike could be brought back to original when wanted.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Am I asking for trouble?

While I am normally so strict on putting keihins on 4stroke Hondas, I found something funny and wanted to give it a try.
If it works it would be period correct and being a downdraft like this, it would look cool, especially if I could find or make an alloy funnel. But on the other hand, something italian, known to give trouble.... maybe I should think of a keihin back up plan.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

S90 trial bike finished

The last parts for the engine rebuild came back, so I could finish the S90 Trial bike for Arie.
He has now started his own blog about the bike, find out everything about the build here:


My contribution exists of an engine overhaul with some custom modifications, bringing it up to 113cc within the original cylinder, custom weighted flywheel for trial use. Custom built cables all round, some rear brake modifications and few other little details.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

gearbox work

The SS50 racebike, a project that has been in a corner for a long time, is now getting a new chance.
The rules for 4-strokes have changed, allowing them to be 85cc in the 50cc class, and as my CB50 was sold, I need something new if I want to ride in the 50cc class again.
Well the SS50 racebike had an almost complete 85cc race engine made for it, so that would be a good start.

Just needed some gearbox work, as the first gear was too short for the rest of the custom made close ratio 4-speed gearbox.
It is put together from SS50, S65, Z50 and other parts and now getting a taller first gear consisting of a chaly gear grafted onto a chinese shaft.

seen in this picture, from top to bottom
- Takegawa 5-speed 14/33 first gear
- Custom made chaly / chinese 14/32 first gear
- Cut off chaly 2-speed gearbox shaft
- chinese 11t shaft for bearing type engine casings (of no use in my old SS50 cases)

Monday, March 30, 2015

New project

Traded some work and parts for some other parts, and now I have another C110 project, going to be another race bike
(So I might sell the other one)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

freshly built SS50 engine

Just finished myself another engine. classic looks on the outside, but with power inside.

looks like a very early 5speed ss50 engine

extra mounting point in front on the cases and no engine numbers

Made this way with modified S65 cases, fitted with 52mm stroker crank, 52mm cylinder making 110cc, with a ported CL70 head, fast camshaft, 2 plate alloy clutch coupled to a modified original Honda 5speed gearbox and many more modifications and rare 60's parts such as the engine covers and breather kit.