Sunday, October 24, 2010

we're back

I've had a slight computer problem, but I'm back online now.

In the meantime I've recieved some nice packages in the post.
12" sidecar wheel I just couldn't let it pass me by.
Seen here next to the 16"front wheel of my dad's sidecar racer

You don't have much opportunities to get these, and it might look great on my dad's Oudshoorn BMW.

Also bought some nice carbs on ebay for my own BMW, because I'd like to determine the position of the throttle slide instead of it being "automatic" like in the original carbs.
These are 36mm BING off an R75/5.
But I will have to alter my footrests first or my foot will get jammed between the shifter pedal and the lower part of the float bowl.
This will be a winter project.

Today I checked the oil levels of the driveshaft, gearbox and final drive, because I had some leaks. Might be a seal put in backwards by a previous owner, this will be checked in winter, for now the levels are correct again.
But when working on the back, the broken rear fender began to really bother me.
The mudflap covered the damage, but I wanted to get rid of the flap because it made my bike look like an old geesers machine.
So I took the grinder and reworked the rear end.

Looking a lot more sporty now. I want to do more to it, but for that I would need to take out the fender, not something I want to do when I need to take the bike home again, or rather, it had to take me home again.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

screw-ons mounted

Today I mounted the new screw-ons.
here you can see a new one mounted and an old one still on the right (of the picture)

A lot of difference in the height and the angle, on my way home I allready found it a lot more comfortable.

Original throttle controls:

Drivers view:

Because I have a twin leading front brake off a CB125k1-5 my front brake cable has an 8mm ferrule, where an SS50 only has a 7mm ferrule. This was never a problem because I used CB-type levers and switches, but now my brakecable wouln't fit into SS50 type switches so I had to machine something to match an 8mm cable to a 7mm hole.

By the way, my old set of screw-ons is now for sale.