Saturday, November 23, 2013

reduced steering lock

Made some simple alloy brackets to reduce the steering lock, now the clip-ons can be set a bit narrower.

full lock now:

Might just increase the lock, but for now this works to set the clip-ons and not have them hit the tank.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

front forks mounted

This is pretty much al the ready to go parts I can bolt on now, next will be some swapping of rims, hubs and spokes, so both C110's can get their wheels built.
And sending out some cylinders to be bored out to 60cc's so I can rebuild the engines.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

start building

just started putting some parts on
Found some parts to put together a set of rear shocks with NOS top covers and used chrome ones that are still okay, with stiffer springs on the inside. Hub was supplied by a friend, brakeplate and sprocket carrier I still had.

disregard the OHC engine casings, they are just weight to keep it from flipping backwards and chipping the paint.

Bottom yoke, lower legs and chain guard freshly painted

the Black parts are for my dad's BMW sidecar.

and a set of clip-ons made in CR110/RSC style

now also painted.

Tomorrow when the paint is dry, I can really start getting it together.

Anyone who could help me get a set of rear tank cushions?

Friday, November 8, 2013

painted frame

As of today, I have a red C110.
Thanks dad for painting it.
As seen in the picture it was painted outside, so there is a fly or two in there, but then this is an old-school racebike, this is the way they did it back then. Maybe someday if I were to restore it, it could be painted again, but for now it is more the case that this one is saved from the scrapheap.

Keihin CR29 vs CR31

I compared my new CR31 to the CR29 I was running on my S90.
They both seem to be made in the same casting, so lucky for me, I won't have to go looking for another intake rubber that will fit, I can use the type I have and just order some extra.
Here are some pics of the carbs side by side:
(the 29 is the "dirty" one)

funny how they both have the tickler on the same side, but the cables on opposite sides, probably for some specific purpose.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Keihin CR31's

just arrived from Germany today:
a couple of brand new Keihin CR31's

I already had the resin velocity stack, but I put it in the picture anyway, because I took it out to see if it would fit these carbs. Also very odd is the velocity stack with flange to fit an air filter, never seen one of those before.
Tomorrow I will compare to my CR29.