Tuesday, February 26, 2013

change of tank

A friend of mine had a spare SS50 tank of the early type, thanx HJ.
A long time ago I wanted to build my SS50 with this model of tank, but for some reason I never did. Now I have the tank, my vietnamese seat now has the mounts adapted for it, as the baseplate allready had the shock-cutouts in the right place for this tank.

Now to find a set of chrome tankpanels and kneerubbers. But I do like the look, just that bit more sporty then a CD50 tank. I think I'll also switch back to skinny chrome fenders to complete the look.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Front forks

I've been collecting front fork parts to upgrade two of my bikes. I want my SS50 motorcycle to have thicker front forks, as it struggles with the original 25mm forks while at the same time I would like to upgrade the SS50 race project with stiffer yokes and better internals.
By now I've found pretty much everything, so I've started work on it.

These yokes will have the handlebarmounts removed to look like MT125R yokes, the clamp will be more stable then the bolted type.

Forktubes will be replaced by MT5 tubes that will be shortened, thes also have the big plugs on top that match with the clamped yoke. The internals will be made as a copy of an MT125R forkleg, which actually has some sort of damper. Sadly loose parts are not available, but I have a forkleg on loan to copy from.

As the forks were out of the frame, this was also the right time to weld on a fairing stay:

that was some slight progress on this project, I've also started on the front fender, but that is on hold again, as I had some parts for another project

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

new rims......four of 'm

Okay, its winter over here, so the bikes are inside for now, I don't want them to rot away because of the salt on the roads. So The V-double-U is getting used a lot.
But I happenend to hit a patch of ice that caused me to crash into a curb, puncturing one of my front tyres....
The other front was pretty much worn, and so are the rear ones on my set of 15" BBS rims.
For now I have some old 14" rims, that I really don't like the look off, so I had to decide about getting 4 new tyres for the summer, or getting completely new wheels.
I decided on new wheels, a new look, something different:

For now they are still inside untill the weather clears, but I wanted to get a quick look so I took this picture with the wheels standing in front of my car. It will actually become lower with the low profile 13" tyres, so I hope I can still get over the speedbumps.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Yes I've gone over to the kitakkiewakkie-craft side....
I've traded a spare CL70 head, which are quite rare over here, against a takegawa superhead with worn valves and some more little issues.

Today my dad was looking around for something to do, so I gave him the cilinderhead to go and play with :P
Guides were reamed from 5mm tot 5,5, to fit standard S90 valves, seats were cut, head was glassbeadblasted and the valvelift was checked with the cam that came with it. This all looked good and it will become the cilinderhead for my SS50 racer project.
Now just to decide on a gearbox and clutch.

I've heard that a German friend might have a spare clutch, he races an SS50 engined kreidler, but I sadly can't find any contact information.
If you know this guy, or if you are him, could you give me an E-mail?

Kennen sie die fahrer dieser renn-Honda, bitte senden sie ein E-mail