Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Honda C110 Racer Hondadag 2014

Hondadag 2014, Somebody was kind enough to film my C110 racebike on the dyno and put it up on youtube, enjoy the sound of a pushrod motor going up to 112km/h (70Mph) with 6,6Hp at the rear wheel.

pretty much done

Okay, it's been a while since I posted anything, been busy with lots of things and the racing season has started again, but I constantly forget to take pictures.

In the middle of it all, my road going C110 has been pretty much finished, I still want to open up the motor as I feel it is a bit noisy on the camshaft drive, but I've been riding it.
Last weekend I took it to the "caferacerdag" and for the event I mounted the exhaust of the racebike.

pictures thanks to chalopy

Friday, June 6, 2014

Two bikes running

The C110 came back from upholstry so I fitted the repaired motor and got all the cables and bits hooked up again.
So this one is pretty much ready for the CRT event in Varsseveld

In the meantime the motor for the RSC90 is all put back together again and fitted to the frame, fired it up and it looks like there is a lot less vibrations with this other crank, which I now will be running without any rotor on the crank to reduce weight.
Stole the front fender back from my SS50 motorcycle.
Gave the exhaust a fresh coat of paint to hide some big scratches.
And my dad built me a new paddock stand to go with the new foot pegs.

Just a few little bits to do, like putting my startnumber on the front.

Monday, June 2, 2014

close ratio gearbox, finally complete

My RSC90 is also on the workbench again, hopefully to have it up and running for next weekend in Varsseveld.
The last time I rode it, there were two things that bothered me:
- the footpegs / groundclearance
- the gearbox

As seen before the footpegs had already been changed, but the gearbox was still an issue.
It had problems shifting from first to second gear, ending up somewhere in between, halfway in neutral but totally stuck until you would kick it up and down a few times and finally end up in second.
And besides that, the gearbox had been changed into a close ratio box, except for first, what meant I had a huge gap between first and second.

So now, I opened up the motor, to finally have first gear altered to achieve a full 4-speed close ratio gearbox as near as I could get it to the original RSC90 gear ratios. While in the meantime altering the shift forks hopefully getting a smooth transition from first to second.

I had already found some gears that could become a first gear in the S90 after grafting them onto S90 parts and my dad made it a reality.
My gearbox now has an SS50 second gear made into an S90 first.
Together with the SS50 3rd/RSC90 2nd as a second gear,
original S90 3rd
and CT200 4th gear
it makes the following close ratio gearbox:

1: 17/31
2: 20/27
3: 22/24
4: 24/23

compared to original S90:

1: 13/33
2: 19/29
3: 22/24
4: 25/22

and original RSC90:

1: 18/30
2: 21/27
3: 22/24
4: 24/23

clearly visible, the difference between the stock 1st gear on top and the diameter of the modified shaft.

Also swapped the crank for a different one, because this motor had terrible vibrations, maybe this could be the solution.

Now to finish the motor and get it back in the frame and I'll have to check everything as a lot of parts had been taken out or used for other bikes in the meantime.

C110 racer in action

Look at what I just found online, pictures from my first event with the C110.
I didn't really look for anything because the bike sadly broke down at the end of training, but apparently somebody had the camera out early.

pictures thanks to the CRT website

The bike is now out to have the seat covered and in the meantime I'm rebuilding the topend of the motor to solve what caused it to break down. Yesterday I had it put back together again only to pull out the threads on the last bolt, causing me to get the cylinder head back off again to fix it. A job for today, together with getting the RSC90 back up and running again, because next event would be nice to ride that bike also.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's getting there

Some more paintwork has been done, footrests, side covers.
Built a cover for the other side with a screen in front of the velocity stack that is originally welded into the frame.
The front fender is finished.

Now working on a seat base, as this seat is still borrowed from my other C110.
and making a reservoir for the breather, as required for racing nowadays, but trying to make it something that looks a bit period specific, not just a plastic bottle ziptied to somewhere.

And then it still needs some baffling for the muffler, but I don't know if that will be in time for this season, but I can ride it with the temporary (ugly) muffler I used for test runs. Same as It will probably not have the seat covered in time.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

home made brakeplate

The latest casting project I've been working on for a while just came out of the molds.

It started as a big chunk of MDF slid over an old front axle.

Then adding some parts cut out of an old front brake plate, kindly donated to the casting process by a friend. And the beginnings of a scoop on the front.

Even though they are still loose parts, it is starting to look like something, and a lot more race inspired then an original 160mm brakeplate.

Smoothing and painting.

allmost ready for casting.

and the inside, made with original parts so the standard brake shoes will fit.

Broke the mold open, first impressions look good, fully formed, although it has some little flaws, but that is the charm of sandcasting.

Fully uncovered, it looks good, just like the original old racing brakes, but made to fit a normal 160mm Honda hub as found in many street bikes, and in my RSC90.

Now to harden it and then machining, what will probably take some time for this first one. But then I will have a plan for the next ones I might just make.

and some other stuff that was cast in the same session:

CR750, CR110 and JRP, more rare stuff from my hands, how funny is that.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

finally: tank panels

My moped finally has some tank panels, after riding it for a long time without anything, now I finally have a complete tank.

Monday, March 24, 2014

oil lines and other tiny bits

While building I still find small things to improve and order new parts for, such as the oil lines. I wanted these to run up to the carburetor again, just like original, as I had run it with only one line from the case directly to the head, but in cold weather this resulted in a frozen carb.
So I ordered new oil lines, to bend them in the right shape and not one that had evolved over multiple owners fiddling with them.

Also fitted NOS grips and had quite a fight getting them on as they were a little tight and just a bit hardened over time.

Cables are in place, as I also ordered a new clutch cable so everything would match in color, made a new throttle cable and replaced the blue sheath on the dimmer switch with some grey so that would match too.

Just a few little thing to do before I can take the bike apart again, so I can take it down the stairs to rebuild it on the ground floor and get it running.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

a little more progress

Been stuck at home for a little while because of an injury to my foot, but that gave my time to work on my C110 street bike.
The correct rear brake pedal for a high exhaust came in just a few days ago, and I think that was pretty much the last part I needed, while I am putting it together I'm not sure what to do with the exhaust.
I have an original high muffler, but it has some scrapes and rusty bits and the protectors are pretty bad, so another option that I would think goes really well with the seat, would be a racing muffler. original ones are made from "unobtainium", so I will probably have to make it myself. Made a mockup with paper to get the idea and put on the original racing protector that I have, just like the one on the C110 racer I'm building.

And then how to build it, with the mountings to the original muffler mount just before the shock, as it is pictured in the manual. or to the upper shock mount, as all megaphones are, that I've seen, but even though that is probably more original I think that doesn't look all that nice.