Thursday, September 19, 2013

big carburetor

How do you mount a big vintage carburetor to an SS50?

Step one; buy a big monkey manifold.
Step two; cut it up, weld it back together and turn it on the lathe to fit an original Honda carb boot.

Step three; mount it and add CB750 carb modified to take a normal throttle cable.

Oh, step four; tidy it up, but I still have to do that to the whole 120cc motor.
Everything will be glassbeadblasted to match.

And now just keeping my fingers crossed that I can get this carb to work. My dad has used them before on 125cc motors, so luckily I can peek at those for the jetting.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New front forks

My SS50M motorcycle needed some new front fork, the Original shortened 25mm forks were just not strong enough for the heavy abuse with a 100+ cc motor and a stoppie producing front brake.
So now some leftovers from the Race project, a set of 27mm forks with CY50 lowers, and for now the front fender of my RSC90 although that is rubbing against the tire.

When working on the forks, I discovered a leak in the CD50 fuel tank, so that was swapped for my old SS50Zk1 tank with modified flip up filler and a racing seat in matching colours, RC style.

tank and seat combo is for sale or trade, if anyone is interested.