Monday, June 17, 2013


Last weekend I had the RSC90 out to play again.
My dad and I entered in a 3-hours event on saturday evening with our co-rider John, this time on his Egli CB750

picture thanx to chalopy
A real experience to ride a real Egli, but the bike isn't built for small twisty industrial-park circuits.

I had a look at pictures of the track before and thought it might just be nice for the RSC90, even with it's horrible gearbox ratio's.
So I took it out of the corner where it has stood for a year or two, dusted it off and took it with me.

Ralph came to have a Look also and took some really nice pictures.

even an action shot

I had a really nice time with this bike again, dispite the horrible gearbox and lack of ground clearance.
I rode the 2 heats without muffler (for the first time)
And the bike sounded great, just like small displacement Honda's from back in the days should sound.

again, thanx to Ralph for the movie and putting it on youtube and his own blog
even I, who rode the bike wearing ear plugs, can't get enough of this sound, so I don't want to keep it from you followers.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New clutch

The motor I was building for the SS racer had a chinese copy of a CD90 clutch on it, for a racebike a bit to smooth I thought. So when I heard that a friend had a dry clutch laying around, I jumped at the chance. Thanx Eugen.
Had some issues fitting it, because Daytona uses an M6 bolt that threads into the main shaft, but luckaly the Takegawa main shaft was hollow so I could fit a threaded bushing in there.

Starting to look nice, now working on the cylinderhead, big fins, big valves, ported, now some final checks and to figure out which camshaft to use and valve spring tension.