Sunday, January 25, 2015

CR750 clutch levers

almost finished
just waiting for some levers with rubber tips to fit in the other 2 hand made CR750 perches

-sandcast perches machined by hand
-stainless lever bolt, to original measurements (unlike some other replicas)
-stainless pinch bolt
-stainless spring
-stainless spigots
-original lever with rubber tip

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CR / RC style levers

After moving to a new workshop I'm aiming to expand my production, now tooling for making complete CR / RC style brake and clutch levers.
I've already made perches, but just now I've tested my prototype home made lever, quickly machined it to work as original, mounted to an original perch and squeezed with all my might....and it stayed intact :D
That makes it possible to remanufacture almost all the parts so I'm not reliant on NOS parts that may or may not be available. Now to work out the last bits before production can begin

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