Saturday, July 7, 2012

New shifter

No longer a mangled CB72 shifter, but homemade alloy.
Also ran the rod over the top instead of the bottom, to get more clearance in all directions. Sort of CR93-ish.

Testride today went okay, the final transmission might be a bit high for this 110cc motor, with 16/33 sprockets. It does 100km/h in 3rd gear, but it doesn't really pickup in 4th unless I've got a tailwind.

Friday, July 6, 2012

SS50 Update

New alloy rear fender with C110 taillight.
And a homebuilt exhaust, 32mm pipe with megaphone muffler with internal silencer.

after I took this picture, I removed the front winkers, as the rear ones now no longer have a mount. Someday I'll put the winkers back on, maybe in a different position.
For tomorrow I want to finish the new shifterpedal and if there is time left, try a big carb, If it works that would be nice for the caferacerdag
Let's hope the newly rebuilt 110cc engine holds up, with a "normal" 4speed gearbox.