Saturday, November 15, 2014


Since I've built a new tacho for my 50 this year I got annoyed by the quality of the old prints for the tacho face. So I asked a friend who is good with graphics and has his own company in printing if he could help with new tacho faces, not only the CR110 / CR93 replica, but also an RSC and two different smiths faces, like the ATRC tacho's.
Today I mounted the first test print into an old housing to see what it would look like and how it would fit. Just a few tweaks and then it will be ready for a small production run.

also available will be:
smiths from 1 to 14
RSC from 3 to 15
CR110 CR93 replica 3 to 16

all to fit in original honda 1:7 tacho's as used on most models up to 500cc

Monday, November 10, 2014

another batch

And yet another batch of brand new vintage parts.
Including two of the newest project, a rear backing plate for 110mm Honda hubs, SLS but also in the future I plan on making a 2LS out of it, some preparations for that are already in the mold.
Planning the 2LS for my RSC90, will make the rear hub fit more with the 4LS front CB125RSC hub.

the line-up:
160mm front brake plate, Honda RC styled
110mm rear brake plate, Honda RC styled
CR110 footpegs
CR750 clutch perch
Honda RC styled brake pedal
JRP breather covers
S-monkey oil cooler adaptors
RSC engine cover, meant for a Honda 50, but going towards a 750