Sunday, March 13, 2011

first turnover

Today, the S90 had its first turnover, with thanks to the gastank lent to me by Ralph.
It was strapped at the back, with an SS50 tankmount rubber, but atleast it fitted at the front, as the frame is wider then the SS50 tanks I have.

Of course it didn't start right away, I didn't have spark.
After checking just about everything, it turned out to be dirt and/or conservation between the points that needed some sandpaper instead of the normal filing with a nail file.
After that was done, It started reluctantly, telling me that it wants some work done to the carb to get it running properly. But it sounds potent, a little too potent for a sunday afternoon in a rural area, so we took it back inside again to continue with jetting another day, after I took some pictures.

Next to my moped it is just a small bike.

tough choice

Yesterday (saturday) I had to work until 2, but after that I felt like taking a ride on the BMW. but when I came back to the workshop to change back to another bike to take home, I had a difficult decision to make... which one should I take home:

I decided on the SS50 (middle) and It will bring me to the workshop again today, so I will have the same "problem" today.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

swapmeat today

Today, my dad and I went to a swapmeat called "vehikel" and found some nice parts, mostly small things, like a couple of bolts I needed for one of my SS50's, a BMW R50 headlight holder and a length of rubber profile for the Oudshoorn BMW seat.
At one of the BMW stands, I found a footrest in a bin, one of maybe only 20 made for the Oudshoorn BMW's, my dad only had one with his bike, but what are the odds of finding a second one?
He probably won't use it as they are very low, but it is just nice to have the complete set.

And I bought a set of tyres for the C110. Front tyre mounted on a rim just to see what it would look like, as it is a cheap rimprotector until the bridgestone 2.00X18 is back in stock.
Yes I will change the wheelsize to 18" with 1.2 shouldered alloy rims and skinny tyres, not original, but looks damn good, I've seen it on a japanese bike.