Sunday, February 12, 2012

picture day

I do like the stance with the kickstand.
homemade but modelled after the aftermarket stands from back in those days.
Bolts right on with the footrests.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


As mentioned before, the C110 will go for painting, so I want to get all the parts ready. As I might want to make it a little sportier, I bought an upper chaincase to modify into a small guard like the SS50's have. It can get painted with the rest of the bike and then I will be able to choose between a full case or only an upper guard.

An SS50 guard as a model for where to cut.

Cut, beadblasted, first testfit:

I had an old can of blue paint, so I gave it some color to get an idea of what it would look like. Although I'm planning to change the color to red.

Complete bike, note the new 18" wheels.

Yes, that spot on the floor came from the Honda, he marks his territory.
Time to build a new 60cc engine, I've got all the parts to make it go even faster....and not leak anymore.

Oudshoorn motor

My dad is also busy rebuilding the 700 motor for the Oudshoorn BMW.
The other enginecase cracked and the cilinders were made too short, so now a different case, which has not been completely chopped and a different set of /5 cilinders that were made to fit the /2 engine with studs going from the case upto the heads.
/2 racing motors have the problem of breaking cilinders, this is the reason of the long studs.

Dyna electronic ignition, /5 dynamo, 700LS pistons, R69 crank......and a lot more parts that do not belong together.

and another new project

Yes, as if I didn't have enough to do, I started something new.....again.
BMW R75/5 wreck to be rebuilt as an endurance racer.
We had so much fun last year at the 3hrs of Aalsmeer that we decided to build a bike for this year.

As it came in, with hardtail, the seat we put on to get an idea of what it should become.

Straightening the frame, with hydrolic pressure and tension.

First mockup; seat from ebay, tank from de knalpot, fairing I bought for my R90/6 but decided on something else, 38mm forks and 4ls 230mm grimeca my dad still had.

Hope to get it ready for the endurance events of the SAM this year.


From the cancelled CR110 replica project I had some 18" alloy rims left over, so I decided to use them on the C110.
Found a set of original S90 spokes, old style spoke pattern, crossed over 6 (instead of the normal 2 or 4)

And this is what a wheel looks like when it's done.

Bridgestone AC01 racing tyre, will probably wear out pretty quickly with roaduse, but I do like skinny tires and there is no other option which looks and performes good.
The wheels look a bit flashy now, compare to the rest of the bike which is a little rusty and dirty, but soon it will be taken appart for painting.

Giuliari Knoscher

My beemer got a new seat, an original Giuliari.
It's a lot shorter and narrower then the imitation I had on there before.
I like it, it looks a lot sportier.
And even though it is used, all the markings are still clear, just a little cut at one edge and I will need to make a bracket to mount it, as it has gotten lost over time.

Other modification; knoscher rear sets.
Really like the ride now, you can really stear with your feet by applying pressure to one of the pegs. think this is because they are really near to the swingarm pivot.

All the ingredients for a caferacer a comming together.

C110 br(e)aking

It has been a while since the last blog, but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything.

The C110 has had its front brake stay replaced.
The balljoint system worked...until I really hit the brakes and the tab on the forks bent, causing the balljoint to end up between the spokes.

So I searched if I could find some bearings the size of the original silentblocks, but nothing really had the right dimensions. Luckaly my dad had some free time to spend behind the lathe and he created some teflon and stainless bushings.

This ads a lot of braking power, because non is consumed anymore for warping the silentblocks