Monday, April 30, 2012


For a long time I have been wondering what to do with my SS50 motorcycle, I planned on putting a long racetank on it, with a short bum-stop seat, but I wondered what that would ride like in combination with my rearsets and clip-on bars. Thus I quickly made some brackets to fit a cheap seat to my SS50, looks odd with the big space between the seat and tank, but it was just for testing. The tank that should go on there would fill the gap.
however, this rode like sh!t, I'm constantly resting on my arms..... My plans needed to be changed, so I tried some things when back in the workshop; normal handlebars...don't like the look, but then I would get a rideable bike. Normal footrests, too high, too far forward, but almost rideable. Conclusion: To build my bike with long tank and short seat, I need footpegs somewhere around the swingarm pivot. So I started building, to be continued.

Monday, April 23, 2012

First day outside

The Beemer is almost ready now.
My dad fitted the fairing with custom mounts for the headlight, clocks, winkers and so on.

Winkers look a bit odd, but that is the way they used to do it, and I wanted to keep the typically BMW alloy blinkers.

Deep oilpan, made for old /5 or /6 centerstand, no reproduction, the real old thing.

Tomorrow: fluids, fork oil, engine oil, gearbox oil, driveshaft oil, connect the battery, mount the sidecovers, check tyre pressure.
And then it will be time for a testride.
Hope the weather will be okay.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

RSC news from down under

Stew Ross sent me some pictures of his 90.
He's made some more progress, really like that pinstripe on the tank, makes me think about getting this tankshape for my RSC90, even though I was planning to make something like the later model tanks.

Note the RSC ignition cover

BMW R90/6 rebuild

It is comming together, thanks to my dad.
frame is newly painted, engine rebuilt with some high compression headgaskets and I'm still planning to put some other carbs on there.
Lightweight clutch and flywheel from the ->'81 beemers
Daytona sump to hold some extra oil, while still being able to use the center stand.

and then we put the tank and seat on, just to get the total picure of what it will look like.

For now with ducati fairing, stays will need to be built, but I'm looking for an MBV or Wüdo fairing, that will look better.
And it isn't ducati, as just about every big caferacer has a 900ss fairing.