Thursday, October 23, 2014

CB72 racer

Had one of my dad's CB72 racers out to testfit a CR93 fairing that I have for sale, someone wanted to know how it would fit a CB72.

Fits it quite nicely I would think.
And then we rearranged some of the workshop, what meant that another CB72 came out of a dark corner, making me want to start this project.

Not with original tank and (replica) CYB seat as seen here, but with something more like a CR72 tank, period correct and with a lot of home made castings and other replica parts, and even some originals. As I have collected some CYB72 stuff over the years.
I have, or can build many of the small parts, the tank will pretty much be the only part I really don't have any idea of where to find or how to built yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

S90 trial

another great project from a friend, who is building an S90 trial bike.
And I will so lucky that I get to work on some little things for this bike also.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

end of season checks for the C110

the racing season is over now, so time to check the bikes and store them for winter.
At the last event the C110 started shifting a bit less smooth, so I wanted to open up the motor to see if I could find anything.

couldn't really find anything with the gearbox except for normal wear, well, not even normal as the bike is about 50 years old and all I could find was a small mark on a shift fork. Made some clearance there and that was it.

Then wanted to clean the clutch, as it acts somewhat as a centrifugal filter and found this:

oops, although I've seen them worse in pictures.

luckily I had a spare engine by now that still had a good clutch center, so this is going back together as it worked fine up till now with the extra preload washers with heavy duty springs.

Just one modification I wanted to do to the gearbox, I replaced the standard stopper arm with an S90 part, these have a little roller on the end, that might just prevent the selector to stick between gears. I've had this happen a couple of times so hopefully this helps, or the fact that I now swapped the old style shift arm for a more modern type, eliminating about 2cm of play in my pedal.