Friday, June 29, 2012

White tank look

Both white covers for my C110 were in, so I put them on to have a peak at what it would look like. I am planning on changing the color of the bike to red, but I couldn't decide what color the tank and covers should be.
Lucky I have an extra tank and almost 2 complete sets of covers in white and red, so I will be able to choose when everything is painted.

"Small" ride

Last weekend I couldn't sleep, at about 4:30 sunday morning I decided to go and do something, so I took the BMW for a small ride.
Over a 1000km's for a cup of coffee under the eiffel tower, there and back in one day. Paris traffic is a disaster, but it was great to have done this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gearbox trouble

I've had a lot of gearbox problems, 2 of my 5speed gearboxes had problems, meaning I had to open up all of them to solve the problem. We've probably found it now as I've built one 5speed motor under my ss50 and it rides great. Also put on some original Benly mudguards to replace the aftermarket ones and built a low exhaust from an original HM065k1 silencer and an aftermarket C100 downpipe. And then gave the bike a quick clean and polish so it looks fresh for summer. The motor I wanted to put under this bike turned out to have a kickstarter problem, so that will need to be openend up again, and still need to look at one more 5speed motor and 2 4speed motors with shifting problems. I won't have to be bored for now.