Saturday, October 2, 2010

screw-ons mounted

Today I mounted the new screw-ons.
here you can see a new one mounted and an old one still on the right (of the picture)

A lot of difference in the height and the angle, on my way home I allready found it a lot more comfortable.

Original throttle controls:

Drivers view:

Because I have a twin leading front brake off a CB125k1-5 my front brake cable has an 8mm ferrule, where an SS50 only has a 7mm ferrule. This was never a problem because I used CB-type levers and switches, but now my brakecable wouln't fit into SS50 type switches so I had to machine something to match an 8mm cable to a 7mm hole.

By the way, my old set of screw-ons is now for sale.

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  1. Your posts about the classic Honda bikes are amazing. I try to copy the modifications you make to your bike and try them on my own bike. They work really well and give a new and pleasant experience to me.