Friday, January 28, 2011

recent developments

The C110 cases are blasted, cylinder and head are still to be done.

But I needed the cases clean so I could look if an SS50 5speed gearbox would fit in there. Someone once told me it would fit with a minor adjustment to the shift drum, but I think he never realy looked into it closely.
The 5th gear would interfere with the wall that seperates the gearbox from the ignition, not impossible, but a lot of work.

But it gets harder still, the total gearbox of an SS50 is wider by about 5mm....
this would mean major surgery to fit a 5speed gearbox.

This project is off the table (for now..), the C110 will get a normal 4speed cluster.

This just in:
My titanium valve spring retainers for the RSC90 arrived last week, so the C110 engine will go to the back of the workbench for a while, to build up the 90 motor completely, everything is ready, just needed these retainers to finish the head.
Now I can look at valve spring compression, if I need racing springs or if I can use original and so on.

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