Thursday, September 1, 2011

C110 engine, but not my own

Been busy with a lot of things, but didn't take much pictures of my own projects,
so here is some of the C110 engine I have been rebuilding for Ralph

Ported head:

Everything glassbead blasted and some fresh paint on the cast steel parts:

Clutch pressure pin / oil guide stolen from my extra motor as the one that was in Ralph's motor was broken. Anyone has a spare?

Kijima ohc headcover in the lathe:

Now it is a cluch cover:

Modified finned tappet covers:

Also a Kijima ohc headcover as a pointscover:

Modifying a webco Z50 intake manifold for the C110 head:

With homebuilt heat isolator.

Taken the flange off, because there was no fitting carb for it, now a rubber flange off an SS50 manifold so we can fit any slant flange carb:

Top view:

It's almost done now, just some special oil line and some gaskets for the manifold and we can start thinking of starting it up and seeing how it runs.


  1. i have a spare oil guide if you want
    shipping to europe might be a pain though!

  2. shipping won't be that bad, give me an e-mail if you want to sell.