Monday, November 7, 2011

long time no blog......again

Been busy at work and with a lot of different stuff.
My car needed some work, but now I've got brakes again, quite a nice "luxury"

Also took an old CB72 front wheel out of the corner, that before I bought it, had been laying in a field for 40 years.
Skimmed the drum surface just a bit, to hear if any rust had come between the lining and the castwork, but it still sounded good.
Japanese hubs don't have the problems that european sh!t have, but the rustpits in the brakesurface are so deep that a lot of material will need to be taken out, so only for use in a 50cc or 125cc bike. In a CB72 we overcook these hubs anyway.
Narrowed the hub to get rid of some broken edges, but it still needs finishing.

Will probably lace it to an 18" wm00 rim for use in ....... or sell it if somebody is interested.

On the left in the picture a CB750k1-6 carb, 28mm, now prepared for a 1cylinder bike, so I might use it on a 125cc SS50 engine I'd like to build.
Also completed a 26mm Cb77 carb for use on an SS50, just out of view as it is now on the 70cc engine in the background that I might convert to 85cc.
Just some other stuff I've been working on.

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