Friday, July 6, 2012

SS50 Update

New alloy rear fender with C110 taillight.
And a homebuilt exhaust, 32mm pipe with megaphone muffler with internal silencer.

after I took this picture, I removed the front winkers, as the rear ones now no longer have a mount. Someday I'll put the winkers back on, maybe in a different position.
For tomorrow I want to finish the new shifterpedal and if there is time left, try a big carb, If it works that would be nice for the caferacerdag
Let's hope the newly rebuilt 110cc engine holds up, with a "normal" 4speed gearbox.


  1. ..kleiner zitje ?? C110 ziet er trouwens wel érg gaaf uit met witte tank, chrome covers en blauw frame!

  2. het is een "work in progress", klein zitje met kontje en een lange tank zit in de (5jaren-)planning