Monday, January 27, 2014

another picture day

A little while ago, I changed the rear tire on my SS50 motorcycle and took some pictures.

It now has a 120cc motor, that promisses to be very powerfull, only I haven't really got it up and running yet because of bad weather and ignition problems that should be fixed now.
Have been tinkering with the jetting on the CB750 carb, but today I found something in my local Honda moped shop that will change all that again:

Found this in a box of 2stroke carbs, an original cable operated 28mm carb, So as far as I know, this should be a rare CB750K0. Not 100% complete, but I have a lot of newer ones that I can steel some parts from. The other three weren't there sadly. But I just have to put this on my bike now, as I'm crazy about original rare Honda stuff.

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