Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Just finished a batch of clip-ons
Needed a set for the SS50 racebike and another for one of the CB50's that has been sold, but included in that deal was a front end swap.

A bunch of steel pipes

Some more small parts added, almost ready for brazing

after brazing, cleaning and painting

The observant viewer would notice one set missing, that was already mounted to a bike.

Some details not found in modern clip-ons are the closed ends, not with a plastic or alloy bung, but full steel construction, so that after painting, it is almost invisible how the ends were closed.
Just a single 8mm bolt, instead of 2 6mm bolts, just like original CR110 clip-ons, and other Honda's from that era.

Took a lot of work, but the result are some clip-ons that look deceptively simple and yet sophisticated at the same time.


  1. hey Ronald, what dimensions were the tubing you used? 22mm?

  2. yes, 22mm tube for normal Honda levers, made for 25mm and 27mm forks

  3. Wow those are some truly tiny fork tubes! It's amazing that they ever made 'em that small. But this has me wondering whether there is some limit on diameter in the class rules? I know for AHRMA "Forgotten Era" racing, my "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" will be limited to 43mm fork tubes. A laudable goal when the TRAC anti-dive forks I'm after are only dual-sided up to 41mm - Which has me looking at two right-hand-side 43mm legs from the '96+ ST1100-ABS, with a custom off-set caliper-hanger on the one side. I wanna paint 'em up in the NSR500 style, with bronze Magnesium-Passivate style paint & huge orange "SHOWA" lettering down the lowers, & bright lemon yellow paint on the caliper hangers/pivots, and calipers with the (+) motif cast in over each piston, etc. If they come off even just looking anything remotely like the real thing, (let alone function) methinks it could be a huge coup for the vintage Honda camp of "Forgotten Era" racing. If nothing else, the intimidation factor! Ha-ha.

  4. good and useful post! Thanks for sharing the information. What size of piping you are using for the fitting? What are your suggestions for home piping?