Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another CB50 racer almost done

My dad and I have been building another CB50 racebike, as our old ones have been sold, now being raced by friends. Even a third had been built for someone else, who also races it at the CRT. Now we've built a fourth one for my dad to race, mostly from leftovers scattered around the workshop from years of racing CB50's and plans to turn them into CR110 replicas.

Custom Tacho face, original brake and clutch levers, sand cast alloy top yoke, Chrome Honda flip-up cap

Larger 140mm rear hub

140mm SLS front hub


  1. This looks superb. How long did it took you to create this beauty? From where have you got the inspiration for this? Fabulous work!

  2. Looking great I am also building a rc110 replica :-)
    where did you buy your Tank and seat ?