Sunday, July 11, 2010

RSC rotor

On the 90 I will not be using the original rotor and stator assembly, to save weight on the cranck, and in total, I will be running a battery ignition that will be recharged before every event.
But to check the ignition timing and valves, I need something to determine "Top" and "Fire".
I bought a ct90 rotor from Loef that I modified.

All the weight has been taken off, leaving just the center with the cone and slot for the woodruff key. Onto this I bolted an alloy disc (bolts will be replaced by original honda cross-head bolts)

And then copied the markings from the original CS90 rotor onto the alloy disc.

This rotor will be permanently mounted to the cranck, as I don't want the hassle of putting it on every time I need to check something.
Next step will be an alloy ring to replace the stator, it will have the mark for timing and something to keep the oil-pump shaft in place.

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