Monday, July 5, 2010

progress on the 90

I've done some work on my RSC90 project as well, assembled all the clutch parts and fitted the cover, with breather unit.

Also fitted the bigbore piston and cilinder, although it has to come off again because I can't remember if I put the knock pin in. I hope I did because the pistonrings were a pain to get in, when the cilinder was bored out, the sloping edge has disappeared.

Chain tensioner has been put in after this picture was made, but I have to figure out a way to keep the oil-pump sprocket in place as I don't want to use the stator which normally keeps it from moving side to side.


  1. Loosing Slope edge -> I had the same problem and do a new one with the "Dremel"

  2. What's your plans for the ignition

  3. When the cilinder has to come off, I will make a new edge, my dad told me the same thing.

    I want to run a battery ignition, with original points. The races are short, so recharching will be done at home.