Monday, November 8, 2010

new clutch for the ss50 engine

I have been collecting parts for my "old school tuning" ss50 engine, to replace the original clutch with one from a C110.
The C110 has an aluminium center that weighs a lot less then the original ss50 clutch. Although my engine had a 2plate clutch from a chinese copy. even more weight then the original 1plate, but it was the only complete clutch I had laying around at the time.
C110 clutch:

Only it doesn't fit onto an SS50 crankshaft without modification, so I had my dad grind the inner diameter to fit the SS50 crank, then the splines fit.

On all sides it needed some work, the primairy sprocket needed some work to fit onto the gearbox main shaft. Some spacers needed to fit the whole clutch onto the crank, and a bearing holder had to be fabricated to let oil thru, as the c110 doesn't have that.

To give an idea about the weight loss
2 plate:

C110 clutch:

Now to finish the engine so I can hear the difference in revving, I'm looking forward to starting this up and hearing the difference.

A nice bonus is the difference in primairy reduction.
SS50 originally has 16:69.
my 2plate system had a 17:67 reduction.
And the C110 has 15:70. this means the gearbox will make less revs, letting it shift easier.

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