Friday, November 19, 2010

RSC front fender

As the ss50 engine was built up again, I spent some time on my RSC project.
An aluminium front fender has been lieing on my front tyre for some while now, waiting for brackets to be made.
So I started the process. Found a piece of strong 2mm aluminium and cut out the right shape for a fender stay. It has been modelled after a C110 front fender stay although that has a thinner pressed plate example.

I chose 2mm plate for its strength, because I want it to also function as a fork stabiliser.
Something I experienced with my SS50 on the road with plastic or steel fenders, is that I do want a strong connection between the legs.
I will eventually round the edges of the stay to immitate a thinwall pressed plate stay.
The stays will be riveted to the fender and the 8mm tube will be welded to the stay after it is clamped in place by folding the tabs on the stay around the tube. Just like original fenders.
And to give you an idea of what it will look like:

I will also add a plate underneath the fender that will be riveted together with the stays, to add strength to the fender where it functions as a fork stabiliser. Something also seen in original (steel) fenders, mostly causing them to rot out from underneath.

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