Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RSC front fender, part 3

Some more progress on the front fender, I didn't feel like it for a long time, so I did a lot of other small stuff but now it is really comming together.

I pressfitted the rods to the fender stays using 2 pieces of steel with half of a round hole cut out of both of them. The rod is now stuck in the stay and will be hold in place by some glue* when all is done.
(special glue also used for putting lining onto brakeshoes)
I bent the stays so they meet up with the fender, that is how it now holds the fender over the tire.

A view of the bike with the fender, for the bigger picture, I like it.

Next step will be to make some reinforcements to go under the fender and riveting it all together. I allready made a mold for the rivet heads by pressing a ballbearing into a piece of aluminium.

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