Tuesday, December 28, 2010

some more progress on the Oudshoorn

My dad did a lot more small jobs on his BMW and I helped a little.
I had some tickle style headlamp brackets at home, that were supporting a CB72 headlight on my desk (my kind of paperweight) I fitted them to the ceriani/van bockel forks with an original BMW headlight my dad still had. It has clearly been on a caferacer before, as there are some extra holes and switches and there was only a tacho mounted, no speedo.

Also mounted the levers, they are reproductions of the old tommaselli levers, they fit well with the original tommaselli throttle that I allready found in the bottom of a drawer.

And for when it will not be ridden with a sidecar, a kickstand is fitted. Not the original as the bracket on the frame was ground down, this was made using Honda C50 kickstands and the end is off a Honda brakepedal. Mounted to a 10mm steel plate which sits between the frame and engine instead of original bushings.

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