Saturday, March 5, 2011

swapmeat today

Today, my dad and I went to a swapmeat called "vehikel" and found some nice parts, mostly small things, like a couple of bolts I needed for one of my SS50's, a BMW R50 headlight holder and a length of rubber profile for the Oudshoorn BMW seat.
At one of the BMW stands, I found a footrest in a bin, one of maybe only 20 made for the Oudshoorn BMW's, my dad only had one with his bike, but what are the odds of finding a second one?
He probably won't use it as they are very low, but it is just nice to have the complete set.

And I bought a set of tyres for the C110. Front tyre mounted on a rim just to see what it would look like, as it is a cheap rimprotector until the bridgestone 2.00X18 is back in stock.
Yes I will change the wheelsize to 18" with 1.2 shouldered alloy rims and skinny tyres, not original, but looks damn good, I've seen it on a japanese bike.

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