Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oudshoorn motor

My dad is also busy rebuilding the 700 motor for the Oudshoorn BMW.
The other enginecase cracked and the cilinders were made too short, so now a different case, which has not been completely chopped and a different set of /5 cilinders that were made to fit the /2 engine with studs going from the case upto the heads.
/2 racing motors have the problem of breaking cilinders, this is the reason of the long studs.

Dyna electronic ignition, /5 dynamo, 700LS pistons, R69 crank......and a lot more parts that do not belong together.

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  1. Hi, would be interested to know which /5 cylinders you used? I am assuming 60/5 would be the closest bore size?
    Also do you think the earlier engine (/2) could be set up with the /5 crank and internals etc?