Friday, May 25, 2012

Rearsets for the SS50

Okay, it took a while, but finaly some pictures. The brake pedal, with just enough room to have the kickstarter underneath, theoretically it is possible to start the engine, although with the high compression it is difficult. Need to find me some different kickstarter pedal some day.
Shifter pedal, will need to build something for this, I can't get enough angle underneath the footpeg, so I will probably make something more like a CR93 shifter.
The way it looks now:
I didn't feel like making another bracket for my low exhaust, so I put this thing on, that I once bought for the header, but didn't use. Kind of like the scrambler look so I'm thinking of putting on normal handle bars. Or just keep going with the cafe-racer look and fit a long tank and bumstop seat......I don't know yet. For now, the motor is out again, I made a mistake on the 4speed close ratio gearbox, and it is too close for street use, so I will probably put a "normal" 4 speed in this motor. Or maybe even a 5speed, as I think I've figured out what is wrong with the 5speed design.

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