Thursday, May 3, 2012

SS50 rear sets sneak preview

Yesterday I did a lot of work on my new rear sets for the SS50, they're almost done now. Here is a picture of one of the brackets that will hold the CB72 footpegs.
The splined surface that the pegs will mount to is actually a BMW /6 passenger peg mount. After this ofcourse came some modelling with the grinder, rounding the edges and so on. the brackets have since been primed, painted and mounted. A pair of old CB72 pegs have been bent back into shape, blasted and painted. Might have them zinc plated some day, but for now I want to ride. Rebuilt the brakecable to fit these pegs, made a bracket for the brakelightswitch and built a custom shifter-rod. Shifter pedal will need a replacement some day as it was totaly mangled, but for now I can get into gear. Today I hope to finish everything and take it for a testride.

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