Wednesday, February 26, 2014

racing style lever perches, part two

Did some more machining to finish this little sub-project.
Turned some stainless pegs for the spring to hook behind

Drilled some holes and started polishing, one at a time, not too bright, it should match the shine of the levers. I like my aluminium to still look like polished aluminium instead of chrome.

Finished product, including specials springs, bolts, castle nuts and splitpins.

mounted to the RSC90, even though I'm planning to make different ones for this bike later on, but for now it's an upgrade. Special chrome adjuster nuts were already on the cables.

And now there done and I should get back to building the C110 racer, so I can ride it this season.

But when I do another day of casting I might just make another set of these to be machined for another bike, or anyone who is interested.

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