Saturday, February 22, 2014

racing style lever perches

This casting "thing" is getting funny.
Copied me a set of the CL72 perches that I now have on my RSC90, but then with solid mirror mounts, so they can be removed without leaving a trace.

making the space for the lever

just enough, it fits

we're getting there, mirror mounts removed and contour shaped to look like the originals that were a bit less rounded. Then drilled the holes for the handlebar.

but still some machining to do before they will be ready for fitting.
cutting the opening in the clamp, making the hole for the adjuster, threading it and making a slot for the cable. Making the pegs that the spring hooks behind, probably from stainless, and fitting them. Making the holes for the leverbolts, 7mm on top and 6mm bottom without threads for the special bolts.
A lot of work for a couple of perches, but they will be different from all the other ones in the paddock.

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