Monday, June 2, 2014

C110 racer in action

Look at what I just found online, pictures from my first event with the C110.
I didn't really look for anything because the bike sadly broke down at the end of training, but apparently somebody had the camera out early.

pictures thanks to the CRT website

The bike is now out to have the seat covered and in the meantime I'm rebuilding the topend of the motor to solve what caused it to break down. Yesterday I had it put back together again only to pull out the threads on the last bolt, causing me to get the cylinder head back off again to fix it. A job for today, together with getting the RSC90 back up and running again, because next event would be nice to ride that bike also.


  1. Beautiful looking little bike!

  2. I just stumbled on this page. Awesome bike! I'm busy making my C110 ready to restore. The only part that is hard to find is the tail light with license plate holder. By the way I'm also Dutch. If you might have a spare one �� contact me on