Friday, June 6, 2014

Two bikes running

The C110 came back from upholstry so I fitted the repaired motor and got all the cables and bits hooked up again.
So this one is pretty much ready for the CRT event in Varsseveld

In the meantime the motor for the RSC90 is all put back together again and fitted to the frame, fired it up and it looks like there is a lot less vibrations with this other crank, which I now will be running without any rotor on the crank to reduce weight.
Stole the front fender back from my SS50 motorcycle.
Gave the exhaust a fresh coat of paint to hide some big scratches.
And my dad built me a new paddock stand to go with the new foot pegs.

Just a few little bits to do, like putting my startnumber on the front.

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