Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have been looking for a larger motorcycle for a while now, for daily use, but a classic with caferacer potential, usefull around town but also on highways. As I grew up between BMW's and Honda's I was thinking about bikes as the CB750k, BMW R75 or larger.
My dad has been riding BMW's for most of his life, he advised me to get a BMW because of maintance, parts, resale value and usefulness.
The boxer engine always appealed to me, as it is different from everything else on the road. I remembered a cool BMW caferacer from the Joe-bar comics, the JBT-interceptor and decided I wanted to build something like that. To start with I was looking for a complete running bike with some key features;
-double disc brake with early calipers
-wire wheels
And not too expensive as my budget is limited and keeping in mind the changes into a caferacer, like a tophalf fairing, narrow fenders, sporty seat and maybe a 4LS front brake if I couldn't find anything with twin discs.

Last week I found a nice bike on the internet with potential, not completely original, but a real classic, an R90/6 from 1974. It had the alloy blinkers, twin discs, early calipers and had recently had new tyres and battery.
Today we went to have a look at it, and as we (read: my dad) were satisfied with the state of the bike and performance on the testride, I bought it.

At home we found the front axle wasn't clamped in the forklegs, and some other small points of attention, so before I will start riding, we will give it a full service to be safe. And maybe the first modifications, as I allready have a nice cafe-style front fender. But I now have my first real motorcycle.

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