Saturday, April 3, 2010

mkII Golf lowrider

My daily transport for the longer trips is a 4wheeler, Not a Honda TRX, but a car and not even a Honda.
It was a present from my dad when I got my driving license about 2.5 years ago, he had this car in his backyard for a while before I got it.
It is a 1986 mkII Golf C, the most basic form there is, luckaly it is the 1.6L and not the 1.3L, so it has a little bit of power in it.
Since I had it, I have changed the wheels from 13" steel rims to 15" alloy BBS (original VW) and I found a rev-counter someday that has been mounted on top of the dashboard, as the Golf C doesn't have one as standard, it has a clock instead. Further changes are not significant, but were needed for the yearly technical inspections (APK). This years check was coming up so I had to change the rear shocks as that was a point of attention last year, and also because it was so completely rotten on the right rear that in winter water would get in and freeze, giving me absolutely no suspension.
Instead of just changing the rear shocks, I chose to get a full adjustable lowering kit, step one to making a cool looking Golf. Although I do like my Honda's more so I don't have a lot of plans for the Golf as I can only spend my money once.

Some picture's of today's work, with many thanks to C. de Vos, who is a racing-friend who ownes a garage. He did most of the work installing the lowering kit.

Just about 22cm to the spoiler.

First try, the rear looks nice, but the front is a little low, we do have a lot of speedbumps here in Holland.


Just under 14cm to the spoiler.

Lowered almost 9cm.
Didn't think it would turn out that much, but I like it.
The rear is lowered almost 4cm, but that was compared to my old rotten shocks.
Handles like a go-kart now, lots of fun at the roundabouts, but most of the comfort has gone.

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