Sunday, February 27, 2011

rocker trouble....solved

This weekend I was at my local honda shop, again... and picked up some original rockers and small parts in case mine couldn't be rescued anymore.
But after some grinding and machining, the old lightened ones are saved, let's just hope they don't break.
Compared to the originals you can clearly see the weightloss, about 5 grams per rocker.

And then of course I also had to lighten the rest of the parts for the real racing feeling. lightened the valves by about 2 grams and valve spring retainers also lost 2 grams each.

Installed in a nice clean head:

The cylinder it will go on, 45mm bigbore, I suspect it to be a modified CD125 piston in 4th oversize, I bought the kit as is.

Headgasket needed to be changed because of the bigger bore, so the inner diameter is a bit bigger then the one that was in the gasketkit, but also the thickness was increased to lower compression to about 10,3:1
With the bigbore kit, the original compression of 9,5:1 would have been raised to 11,5:1 when using an original headgasket, this is a bit much with modern 95 octane fuels at the pump.

This is the result of today, a finished engine, so far.
All bolts have been replced with original cross heads, and all parts I had are mounted. Still need some oilseals and a few bolts for the headcover to complete this, and would like an ignition with cover, but I could take that off my other engine for now.

The oil-line goes directly from the engine to the head, not through the carb, as I might mount a different style carb to this motor at some point.

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