Sunday, June 5, 2011


The third event for the RSC90, it was repaired just in time after the clutch thing.
Carb was temporarily replaced with a CB100 part that we knew was working, also the coil was replaced. These were the parts that were doubtfull, so we eliminated them.
A shot in the paddock:

You can see the CB100 carb mounted on an original manifold.
After the training we put in a bigger main jet, it ran pretty well, but the plug was a bit light.
Just one round in the first heat told me that was wrong, I came in, we tried to change the needle position in the hope we could get some progress and I could back on the track for the remainder of the heat, but the clip fell off the needle in the grass.....damn.
But at least we knew now that the bike could run good, and the problem had probably been the coil.
So we put the CR29 back on for the second heat, and it ran pretty well, needle and main jet being allmost right.

Also note the alloy top crown plate from my CR110 replica forks, this was to get less pre-tension on the front forks, a step forward to good handling.

A shot from the paddock:

Me in action, must have been the second heat, as you can see the CR29 mounted.

picture thanx to Lea our club photographer.
more pictures of the event can be seen here

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