Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hondaday today

Today was Hondaday, the yearly gathering of the dutch honda moped club.
In the morning the weather was almost clear, so I thought I'd give the SS50M a ride to completely break in its 70cc engine.
I totally forgot to take pictures, but Ralph will probably put some up on his blog.
Spoke with Ralph for a while about the C110 engine I am restoring for him and the S90 parts he borrowed me. Had a look around the lot, spoke to some other people too and then went home again.
But only after I had the SS50/70 on the dyno. The Honda club had arranged a free dyno for everybody to try their bikes, so I couldn't pass that up.
Graph seen here with some great pictures from Mischa who brought his 1970's polaroid camera.

About 6.5 HP at the rear wheel, not bad for a 70cc with 20mm carb, with a top of 115km/h.
The bike is now totally run in, so it's time to start looking at the 26mm carb that I would like to put on it.

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