Sunday, June 19, 2011

The right tools

Finally my tools are in.
Original Honda crossheaded bolts are different from philips or regular crossheads So I ordered the original Honda workshop tools.

This is worth the money, it really makes working on your old Honda easier.
If you want to order them too, the Honda partnumers are:
07603-0050101 for M5 and smaller bolts.
KL1696 for M6 (engine bolts)
It did take a while because the big size was in backorder for a long time, so be patient.


  1. Switch to unbrako ... it's a racer!

  2. Looks to modern to me, it's a classic racer.
    But I did switch to 8mm hex head bolts from honda for the engine cases.

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  4. Here the complete set for sale:

  5. What is the complete partnumber for the M6 tool?

  6. "KL1696" is actually the whole Honda partnumber, it says so on the bag. Honda copied the Kowa partnumber. I can see from the Kowa sticker that is still under the Honda label.