Friday, August 24, 2012

CB72 freshened up

After last years season, the CB72 had its motor taken out because of a gearbox problem, and it pretty much sat at the end of the workbench for the whole winter.
A couple of months ago, my dad fixed the gearbox, and as we got the bike out of the corner, we did some slight modifications.
The rear wheel was swapped for one with an original hub, and a rim that matches the front. A front fender was made. (the dutch honda moped freaks might recognise it as a rare C320 fender) And the tank got some new stickers.

and the top yoke was swapped for one that has been welded shut and ground down to look like an original CYB yoke.

It is still a racebike, so it shows signs of use, but these little things just freshen the bike up a bit and make it look more like the honda's we all know from back in those days.

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