Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kijima dress up kit for C110

Here you see my C110 Kijima dress up kit for the C110 engine I've been building.
Clutch, points and valve covers with some extra cooling capacity.

those of you who know the Kijima catalog are now questioning what this is, they are actually left side head covers for the OHC engines, modified to fit C110. Valve covers also need to be modified, or they jam against the rocker cover of a pushrod motor.
The motor I've built for Ralph also had these covers, it was his idea and I "borrowed" it for my own motor.

Didn't do much with the motor lately, as my SS motors kept givving me problems, but that is prety much over now, so I had time to spend on this little 60cc pushrod powerplant. It's almost ready now, just waiting for some special bolts and I want to do something special with the be continued.

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