Sunday, August 5, 2012

clutch swapping

With the SS50 race project being for sale, the chance exists I could actually sell it to someone and I didn't really want to loose the Takegawa clutch that was on that motor. So I decided to switch it over to my 110cc engine.

Now the motor is rebuilt...again... with a 5speed gearbox, Takegawa clutch updated to 4 plates with some leftover china junk.

But that meant I had to start building a new engine for the racebike.
SS50Z cases, 5speed gearbox (and a spare 4speed close ratio) clutch moved to the gearbox input shaft by using chinese parts combined with a little bit of Kitaco, 85cc piston (allowed by the SAM) on a 12v crankshaft.
I have some plans for the head, but I'm not that far yet.
yesterday I did start on something for the breather, made it out of a CL72 filler neck that will get a bung welded on the rear to attach a hose.
It looks way high now, but imagine an upswept exhaust running just underneath that.

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